Jump Ring Holder

The Jump Ring Holder allows you to solder your jump rings more accurately and efficiently to your stained glass piece. Holding rings with pliers in one hand can be tricky to keep the ring in place at the correct angle while soldering with the other hand, leaving the jump ring to tilt or fall off. A jump ring holder frees up a hand so you can hold the solder or solder beads and quickly apply the ring or wire to your piece.  

Benefits of a jump ring holder:
-Holding the ring steady while soldering
-Accurate ring placement
-Frees up one hand
-Can be pinned in place
-Adjustable height
-Holder clip can be turned 90 degrees for vertical ring placement
-Can be used for other craft mediums-–holding bead wire or macrame rings
-Can hold multiple sizes of wire or rings
-Compact size doesn’t take up your whole work space

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