Each Combo Pack includes: One (1) ounce of Dots, One (1) half-ounce of Stringfetti, Two (2) ounces of frit and a package of Murrini

These Combo Packs are perfect for the glass artist that may be just getting into fusing, artists using microwave kilns, or even seasoned artists that are looking for a nice assortment of embellishments for their fusing projects.

The DOTS are fantastic design elements for any fusing project that requires tiny circles or dots. Each 1oz bag will contain between 150-200 dots.

STRINGFETTI is stringer sized bits. A great way to add texture to frit paintings, or to create linear designs. Pieces are about 1/2" long.

MURRINI: Perfectly coordinated for the colours in the combo packs. Murrini diameters vary from 3-10mm. The one (1) half-ounce bag will contain between 40-90 pieces depending on the diameter.