Bevel Window Designs The unique characteristic of Infinity Bevels is that they are designed to match-up one with another.
All curves, (both inside and outside) have the same 38mm (1-1/2") radius and fit neatly one into another.
All clusters that end in straight line bevels are based on 25mm (1") wide bevels, spaced 51mm (2") apart, so they can match-up with another straight line cluster. Since clusters end in straight 25mm (1") bevels, they are compatable with all straight line bevels, so you have a wide range of lengths of finished bevels available to use in youur designs.

Each of the clusters may also be used alone, connected together, or straight line bevels added.

All of the clusters can be used either vertically of horizontally.

1/2" bevel on 3/16" clear glass.

These bevels are special order and require approximately two weeks to receive.

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