Double Helix Glassworks produces reactive silver glasses (reduction and striking glass colours), and clear glasses specifically for lampworking that are compatible with other COE 104 glasses. This small family business has glasses that are available in rods, frits, shards and murrinis.

All rods are approximately 5-6mm x 12" long unless stated otherwise.

Count per Pound: Approximately 22 rods.

COE 104

REDUCTION GUIDE for Aion, Elektra, Gaia, Kronos, Nyx, Psyche

1. Use adequate ventilation for silver rich colours.
2. Shape you piece in a neutral flame. (shortest yellow candle)
3. To begin the reduction process; remove your piece from the flame and allow to cool until no longer glowing hot.
4. Set a slightly reducing flame by turning your gas up.
(longer yellow candles)
5. Pass your piece through the reduction flame for a few seconds. (time to reduce varies by colour)
6. Remove your piece from the flame and check the reduction progress.
7. To further reduce the piece, repeat steps 5-6.

*Clean off undesired results in an oxygen rich flame.

*Hot head users can produce a reduction flame by temporarily covering the air inlet holes with a hot pad or a fusing glove.

STRIKING GUIDE for Khaos, Luna, Triton and TerraNova2

1. Use adequate ventilation for silver rich colors.
2. Work in a hot neutral flame. (shortest yellow candles and no streaks)
3. To begin striking; allow the piece to cool until no longer glowing hot.
4. Gently reheat.
5. Anneal at 940F.

*Working too cool can result in milky colours.

**Multiple heating/cooking cycles can further develop the colour, though a single cycle of the right durations yields the brightest colours.

TIPS for specific colours:

Aion- Works best over dark colours.

Gaia- Compared to Aion and Kronos, Gaia has a much shorter striking time. In just a few passes in the reduction flame it will strike fully.

Elektra- It's nearly impossible to overstrike. Almost the opposite from Gaia, you can have it in a reduction flame for longer periods of time and it will just get redder.

Nyx- Can also be struck in the kiln. Depending on placement, time and temperature, Nyx will fade through a series of blues.

Luna- Work very hot. The hotter it's worked, the brighter the results.

Triton - Work in a neutral flame, allow to cool for a few seconds, reheat far out in a large reducing flame. 

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