These pens is pre-filled with .4 cc’s of easily-applied, fire-on liquid luster for trim and decoration on ceramic, porcelain, and glass. After firing, it will produce brilliant luster lines for permanent decorations and for writing or signing your ceramic, porcelain, or glass artwork. It works just like a felt tip pen—gently press down on the tip to allow the luster to flow.

Firing Range: 900-1450˚F.
Firing Time: 1 hour ramp to 10-minute peak.
Size: 5/16" diameter x 5-1/2" length.
Caution: Not intended for use on microwaveable products.

For best results, please follow these suggested instructions prior to use:
Place pen tip down in a container and leave tip down for at least 24 hours prior to use.
When ready to use your pen, DO NOT shake the pen. Leave the pen tip-down and depress the tip onto a flat surface.
Hold tip to the surface for 30 to 60 seconds, lifting the tip on and off the paper occasionally to help the flow of the material
Once the tip is completely filled with material the pen is ready to use

Make sure to store the pen TIP DOWN to ensure material is near the tip for future use.

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