Easy to use primer for ceramic and stainless steel molds. ZYP Boron Nitride Mold Release is an proven "workhorse" spray release for ceramic and stainless steel molds. Easy, covers completely, and produces castings that are spur free surfaces and edges. ZYP is the only Boron Nitride aerosol rated for higher fusing temperatures (up to1800 f). Recommended for shallow castings and slumping. Please note: Using ZYP with ceramic molds, the surface of the mold will become slick & no longer easily accept coatings of traditional mold primer after ZYP has been applied.

Now available in a handy spray bottle.

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Applying ZYP Mold Release to your ceramic or stainless steel molds is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps: 1. Remove all the old primer from a previously used mold with a stiff nylon kitchen or tooth brush. 2. Shake the container thoroughly EACH TIME you spray to make sure that the contents are completely mixed. Shake until the metal mixing balls are audible for about a minute. 3. The first time ZYP is used on a mold, you must apply TWO light coats. Hold the can 8 to 10 inches from the surface and spray for one to two seconds in a sweeping pattern across all the mold cavities. The entire surface must be thinly but completely covered. DO NOT SATURATE THE SURFACE! 4. Set the mold aside for about five minutes so it can dry completely. Once dry, apply the second light coat in the same manner. Let the mold dry for fifteen minutes. 5. Fill the mold, taking care to avoid scratching the surface of the ZYP. Powder or fine mesh frit is preferable as larger frit can scratch the surface and create a potential sticking problem. 6. For all future castings, gently clean the mold with a brush to remove any fine residue from the previous use. The cleaned surface will appear shiny. Then apply only ONE light coat of ZYP. The surface should now look matte. Touch up any shiny spots with a little more spray. 7. Wash any residual Boron Nitride from your glass casting using warm water and dish washing liquid or a mild abrasive like Soft Scrub®. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Residual Boron Nitride on your casting will prevent your components from tack fusing properly in your next firing. Having problems with your glass sticking sometimes on your molds? Here are some pointers from ZYP: 1. The formula has settled in the can – Be sure to shake the can for a full minute after you hear the mixing balls moving freely. 2. The can isn’t held upright – The spray comes from the bottom of the can so if the can is held horizontal or upside down, you’ll get mostly air and propellant, but not much BN, in the spray. 3. Not spraying long enough – The spray needs to cover the mold with a thin layer. For a small mold, it’s 1 to 3 seconds and for a larger mold, it’s 4 to 5 seconds. (The can says 1 to 2 seconds, but this may not be long enough for some molds.) 4. Not covering the mold completely – Apply the spray in a sweeping motion across the entire mold. If the mold has nooks and crannies, deep sides, or lots of details, the spray may not reach all areas evenly without specifically targeting these problem areas. 5. The spray tip is clogged – This doesn’t happen often, but you can pull the nozzle off and run it under water to clear the small opening.

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