GALAXY MURRINIGalaxy Murrini is all handmade murrini. This murrini was made with different silver glasses, all 104coe (namely TAG and Double Helix). Galaxy Murrini is specially worked so that you can achieve different looks with the same murrini. Although in the photos most of the murrini are with a dot of transparent over top, if the transparent is melted all the way through, the effects will keep the same, but with a more depth look. This murrini is not only for bubbles. There will be a copy of how to work the glasses to achieve every design in the photos with your order. In the little bag of murrini's is a little card with the name of the blend and photos of the effects that blend will produce so you don't forget what you used and also if you want to order more you can see what its called. Each bag of murrini contains 15 pieces sized from 3mm - 5mm.

CLICK HERE for a PDF Tutorial