Throughout the following categories, you will find a variety of products from companies such as Bullseye glass, Creation is Messy (CiM) glass, Double Helix glass, Effetre glass, G.T. Glassworks, Glass Alchemy glass, Momka glass, Northstar glass, Precision glass, Precision 104 glass, Pyrex glass, Reichenbach glass, Simax glass, System 96 glass, T.A.G. (Trautman Art Glass), Thompson Enamels, Vetrofond glass and Zimmerman glass.

Lampworking products such as chemicals, bead release, Goldstone and Aventurine, Silver leaf, Copper leaf, Palladium leaf, Gold leaf and foils, Mica powders (Pixie Dust), Reduction frits and stringers, as well as safety supplies are also listed.

Various graphite lampworking tools, as well as metal tools, natural gas pressure boosters, oxygen concentrators, and beadmaking torches from companies such as Nortel, Hot Head, Carlisle and Bethlehem.

Complete beadmaking kits can also be found.