You'll only be limited to your imagination as far as finding creative ways to use these Overlay Vinyl Stickers

1. Vinyl stickers can go onto the front of the glass or onto the back of the glass so that it shows through - If being used as an overlay onto a fused glass piece, fuse the glass first leaving a clear area to adhere the vinyl sticker onto afterwards

2. Sticker can be placed onto the glass piece. A light spritz of hairspray and glass powder or frit can be added. Once dry, use an x-acto knife to pull off the sticker, then fuse. The sticker will leave an outline onto the glass surface.

3. The sticker can be placed on a piece of glass then cut out with a ringsaw. It will look like stained glass when placed in the window. This can also be done on a piece of glass and then added into a traditional stained glass project.