Glass Alchemy, Ltd. is a small family business run by Henry Grimmett and Susan Webb-Grimmett, providing high quality borosilicate glass to artists around the world. Since opening their doors in 2000, Glass Alchemy, Ltd. has helped the borosilicate industry grow into a large group of lampworkers who are devoted to their glass due to their high quality product.

They are committed to developing and manufacturing unique high quality coloured glass, made by hand in small batches, for artists worldwide. Committed to the long term success of the borosilicate glass industry has compelled them to be a sustainable business in their local community and the glass art community. Providing health insurance to the employees and donating glass to help artists expand their techniques and teach classes are some of the ways they act on their core values and vision.

Glass Alchemy, Ltd. takes great pride in leading the industry through the ongoing innovation of their product and manufacturing process, and support of industry educators. It is their pleasure to meet and educate artists on the chemistry of their glass. They know you appreciate the effort they put into making their glass and can notice the difference when working with it. It is this connection with the artist that motivates them to keep producing new colours and to support those that are working to expand the borosilicate industry.

Glass Alchemy is proud of their partnership with you, the artist, as you evolve their science into art.

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All rods are first quality unless stated otherwise.

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