Create thicker glass projects which can be displayed as flat pieces or slumped into beautiful bowls. These casting rings are perfect for turning scrap glass into amazing conversation pieces!

Simply line the inside edge or the ring with a double layer of fibre paper, fire the piece in the kiln and voila – you’ve created a perfect circle!

These casting rings are ideal for:

  • Pot melts
  • Damming glass thicker than 6mm
  • Strip construction
  • Using up scrap glass

We recommend lining the inside edge ring with a double layer of 3mm fibre paper to account for shrinkage or movement during firing. Place the casting ring directly on a kiln washed shelf; Thinfire or similar kiln paper may result in the paper being trapped in the glass if using scrap, strips or frit.
Use glue such as Weldbond Glue to attach fiber paper to stainless steel mold components.