Mica Powders.

Add sparkle or highlight colour to glass beads. Just place the Mica powder on a marvering pad or in a small bowl. Heat the bead very hot and either dip it into or roll it over the powder. Put the bead back into a gentle flame to flame anneal it. Be careful, too much heat and you will burn off the powder. When the Mica powders are on the outside of a bead, it will entirely cover it and the colour of the glass they are on influences the final look. A dark glass intensifies the effect. When you cover the powders with a transparent glass you can control the density to either a sparse or a very dense matte look and the transparent coating protects the powders from excessive heat.

When using any glass powders or enamels it is advisable to wear the proper mask and use adequate ventilation.

Please Note:
Don't be fooled by lesser quality "Cosmetic Micas". The micas we sell are high quality, high temperature micas, capable of withstanding temperatures to 900°C (1652°F).