Dicro Slide is sheets of Dichroic coated paper are made with the same Dichroic glass deposition technique used to make the Dichroic Coated Paper. Dicro Slide however, it has no COE, and therefore, may be used with any glass.

The advantage is that intricate scissor or knife cuts may be made from the Coated Paper. There is little or no waste. All of the scrap is usable for unique designs. Several stunning colour combinations are available.

- cut or punch Dicro Slide™ into shapes and sizes
- soak the Dicro Slide™ pieces in 1/2" water for 1-2 minutes
- remove Dicro Slide™ from water, gently blot excess water on paper towel
- carefully slide and position Dicro Slide™ on glass (if Dicro Slide™does not release easily, soak longer)
- try layering glass & Dicro Slide™. Experiment, have fun!
- fuse as usual

- melt a glob of clear or similar base glass
- mash with wide masher pliers to form a small, thin disk
- pull just a bit to taper where the disk attaches to the rod
- reheat the paddle to remove chill marks
- attach the Dichro Slide piece to the paddle (following application process outlined above)
- blot the excess water and allow to dry overnight
- slowly bring the Dichro Slide coated paddle(s) up to annealing temperature to cure the dichroic coating onto the glass
- while the paddle is still hot, make your bead over the Dichroic coated paddle
- anneal properly when finished

NOTE: Dicro Slide™ works well uncapped, but like all genuine Dichroic, it does not fuse to itself or on other metals. 

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