Lumiere Lusters™ are specialty, colour shifting, heat resistant, metal oxide powders and flakes that are magical in lamp worked glass and other mediums. These flakes are rated to resist heat up tp approximately 1400º F, and can be worked in soft or hard glasses. Similar to Dichroic Extract powder, they offer a lot of colour-shifting sparkle that changes with the different viewed angles. The larger particle sizes of the Lumiere Lusters™ create a lot of shine that you cannot get from micas, and give quite a different effect than powdered extract. They are also a great cost effective alternative to dichroic coatings, and are more heat tolerant than powdered micas. The flakes are extremely lightweight.
The jars are filled by volume and contain 5 gm./ml. sizes.


TIP: Treat like frit. Roll and encase quickly if using in a lamp working application. Don't leave in direct flame for too long.