Colour de Verre produces reusable glass-casting molds for artists and hobbyists. This company has merged the age-old art of glass casting with modern technology and contemporary design. Colour de Verre molds can be filled with glass powders, pate de verre, glass frits, or cut sheet glass. Packaged with instructions, they are easy to use and produce beautiful results.

Using Your Colour de Verre Mold:

Mix by volume 1 part Hotline Primo Primer™ to 5 parts water. Mix thoroughly. Apply 4 to 5 thin coats of primer with a soft brush. ( Make sure to keep primer thoroughly mixed every time brush is dipped.) Allow mold to dry a few minutes between coats. Heat the unfilled mold to 500° F at a rate no faster than 500° F per hour. Let cool to room temperature.

A label, attached to the packaging, gives the optimal weight of glass for filling the mold.

Place mold on a kiln shelf that is elevated at least 1" in large kilns and 1/2" in small test kilns. To avoid thermal shock to the mold, heat mold no faster than 500° F per hour until 1000° F is reached. Bring the mold and its contents to full casting temperature. ( Approximately 1400° F to 1450° F works well with most frit casting.) When casting larger glass strips or cullets, higher temperatures may be required. Soak for 10 to 40 minutes and anneal for 20 to 60 minutes. Actual times depend on the size and thickness of the glass. Cool kiln without venting.

After cooling, turn the mold face down and tap it against a hard surface covered with several layers of newsprint. The casting will fall out if the mold was properly primed.

Reusing the Mold:
After each firing, clean mold thoroughly with a stiff brush. Avoid breathing any dust by wearing a proper dust mask. If correctly primed and fired, a Colour de Verre mold will yield many castings.

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