Nestled in the Thuringian Forest, "The Green Heart of Germany", the Farbglashuette Lauscha GmbH is the heart of the picturesque glass lampworking town, Lauscha. Lauscha has over 400 years of glass history. The Farbglashuette was founded over 155 years ago, and began producing coloured glass rods and tubes to support the growing cottage industry. The Farbglashuette is a medium sized company, with 53 employees, and has been producing hand pulled colour glass rods and tubes since 1853. Lauscha glass rods and tubes are pulled by hand to this day, in a spectacular ballet of skill and experience, that anyone can see when they visit the "Glass Hut" in person.

Lauscha glass rods have the same COE range as Italian glass: 102 to 106, with most being 104.

COE: 102 - 106