These reduction frits and powders are crushed glass from Kugler and Reichenbach, and have a COE of 96 or 97. Although not the same COE as most soft beadmaking glasses, ( Effetre, Vetrofond, Lauscha ), they can be used with them. They are however an excellent match for System 96 products. All of the colours give a raku like effect.

To use these products, place the frits or powders on a marving pad or in a frit trough. Heat the glass enough to pick up the frit and fully melt it onto the surface. Keep the glass molten and adjust the torch to a strong reduction flame. When the glass is now re-heated, the reduction flame causes the metallic oxides to come to the surface.

Powder covers the surface with a continuous coating, where the frits produce a larger broken, mottled pattern. The super large chunks are typically used to make stringers.

Reduction frits and powders CANNOT be used with borosilicate (hard) glasses.