These reduction rods are manufactured by Reichenbach, Kugler and Zimmerman, and have a COE of 94 to 96. They may be used over any COE 104 base glass, but no more than 20% by volume.

104 COE reduction rods are completely compatible with all other 104 COE rods.

Rods are 3 - 8mm in diameter x 12" long.

COE 94 - 96 Unless stated otherwise.

Reduced colours will vary according to the base colour of the bead, the length of time in the reducing flame, the strength of the reducing flame, and the gas being used.
Remember, have fun and experiment! If you don't like the reaction you have achieved, simply put the bead back into a neutral flame to undo the reduction, and start over.
Beads in photos are on a white base of Effetre #204, with the exception of the two shown on Effetre black #064 in the silver and gold photos.
All beads were made using natural gas with an oxygen concentrator.


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