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The Rock-it foot pedal is an industry standard and highly recognized for it's quality design. This pedal was engineered and designed to be paired with the modern industry leading torches. Before this pedal was put on the market a number of years ago we rigorously tested for longevity, durability and overall performance. The pedal is designed to quickly turn the outer stage of the torch on and off. This is mechanical operation so the foot pedal does not require electricity.
*The Rock-It is constructed with top quality, high volume valves. You can expect years of trouble free performance
* This unit can be run in the open position for unlimited time periods. sound, mechanical operation.
* The Rock-It has a maintain switch. The maintain switch will keep the outer fire on until switch is depressed a second time allowing freedom of movement.
* The Plated steel foot pedal body offers durability and a professionally engineered design.
* The low profile design ensures ease of use and supports appropriate posture.
* As a safety feature the gas lines are located 4 inches from the floor, the pedal's bottom surface.
* The unit acts with immediate response. Both the on and off operations of the torch are instantaneous after the switch is activated.
* The Rock-It is compatible with all 2 stage and 4 stud (port) torches.  All torches must have four inlets- meaning gas supply to the center stage of the torch and separate inlets to the outer stage of the torch.
* The Rock-It is warranted for 1 year.

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