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We took the Flexburner swiveling flame nozzles to a new length and shape. The FlexburnerXL is a ribbon style burner with three pairs of nozzles allowing for a longer, more linear heat distribution pattern than the Standard Flexburner. Perfect for long work such as preheating tube for sleeving/blow in work or vac stacks!

CNC machined billet aluminum body with six rotating burner tips allows huge flexibility in the heat distribution on the workpiece. Overall dimensions are 5.5”L x 2.7”W x 3.4”H. Includes one barb fitting and two plugs.  NOTE: COLOUR MAY VARY FROM PHOTO DEPENDANT UPON STOCK AVAILABILITY - COLOUR CHOICE IS OURS WHEN SHIPPING

The nozzles can move independently but they do NOT have individual flame size or chemistry adjustment, all burners are controlled by a single input valve which is sold separately. The flame is stable at propane pressures from 2 to 10psi.

Each FlexburnerXL has three input ports, one on each end and one on the side. This allows you to connect multiple burners in line for very long work or side-by-side for a very wide and strong flame bed.

 The flame on all burners can controlled by a single input valve which is sold separately, but is NOT necessary to operate the burner unless you wish to control the input volume to adjust the flame.

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