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Bullseye shelf paper is a heat resistant, light weight ceramic impregnated paper, which provides excellent separation between kiln shelf and glass in kiln firing applications to 1600°F. Sheet size is approximately 508 x 508mm (20" x 20"). Priced per sheet.

USAGE: Use ThinFire as you would any lighter weight ceramic fiber material on the kiln shelf. A single layer of paper will prevent molten glass from sticking to your shelf at full fuse temperatures (1450° to 1550°F).

EDGE CURL: Due to its extremely light weight, ThinFire is easily affected by glass movement, and will sometimes pull into or curl over the glass perimeter at maximum firing temperatures. Contact with the top surface of the glass will leave an undesirable haze. To prevent edge curl, weight the outer corners of the paper with off-cuts of glass, broken pieces of kiln shelf, old glass globs, etc.

CLEAN UP: on firing, ThinFire disintegrates to a dusty tissue. Avoid breathing residual dust. Wear a respirator (NOISH approved for dusts) during disposal.

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