Bullseye glass makes glass in over 1000 varieties for uses ranging from stained glass to mosaic to blowing to torchwork. Their specialty is kiln glass, where we've made our name as the first company in the world to formulate and manufacture glasses that are factory-tested for fusing compatibility.

In their Portland, Oregon factory, they've manufactured coloured glass for art and architecture since 1974. Bullseye's mission has been to develop and manufacture a fully integrated system of glasses which cross the borders of individual disciplines. Fusing, blowing, torchwork, casting, and the foundation flat glasswork - all are linked by a testing method, a personal commitment to technical problem solving, and a network of artist relationships that keep the challenges coming and the work exciting.

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BU0100-31F BU0100-31F
  • CA$21.37
BU0100-50F BU0100-50F
  • CA$19.67
BU0108 BU0108
  • CA$11.88
BU0145-30F BU0145-30F
  • CA$11.88
BU0146-30F BU0146-30F
  • CA$16.43
BU0164-30F BU0164-30F
  • CA$17.58
BU0303-30F BU0303-30F
  • CA$19.13
BU0320-30F BU0320-30F
  • CA$18.39
BU0321-30F BU0321-30F
  • CA$20.84
BU0329 BU0329
  • CA$15.26
BU1101-31F BU1101-31F
  • CA$13.03
BU1105 BU1105
  • CA$15.42
BU1108-30F BU1108-30F
  • CA$17.58
BU1112-30F BU1112-30F
  • CA$16.97
BU1118-10F BU1118-10F
  • CA$16.97
BU1128-30F BU1128-30F
  • CA$15.24
BU1405-30F BU1405-30F
  • CA$16.97
BU1409-00F BU1409-00F
  • CA$16.97
BU2100-30F BU2100-30F
  • CA$16.94
BU2107 BU2107
  • CA$13.58
BU2108 BU2108
  • CA$13.28
BU2112-00F BU2112-30F
  • CA$24.02
BU2121-00F BU2121-00F
  • CA$18.39
BU2123 BU2123
  • CA$16.41
Products: 124 of 72