How To Create A Design Using  The Glass Tattoo Stencil System

Mixing the Glass Tattoo Goo:

  • You should mix your Glass Tattoo Goo in a 1 1/2 to 2 cup (350 to 475 ml) airtight, lidded container.

  • Measure 1 cup (236 ml) room temperature water and pour that into your mixing container.

  • Measure 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of chlorine bleach and mix it with the water.

  • Now sprinkle the contents of the Glass Tattoo Goo packet across the surface of the water.

  • Place the airtight lid securely on the container then give it a good shake.

  • You will notice that the Glass Tattoo Goo powder does not mix very well into the water, do not worry, simply set it aside and wait 6 to 8 hours. When you come back you will be amazed that it will be fully emulsified and you will have an almost clear, creamy thick gelatinous mixture.

    Creating the Glass Tattoo Goo Colours:

  • It’s good to have a selection of 10 or 12 colours premixed in your squeezable dispay enser bottles.

  • Mix the Glass Tattoo Goo with glass powder that has the same COE as the base glass. Use either opalescent powders or transparent powders, both work perfectly with the Glass Tattoo Stencils.

  • Always mix one part Glass Tattoo Goo with one part glass powder. 1 tablespoon of Glass Tattoo Goo mixed with 1 tablespoon of glass powder will yield enough Glass Tattoo Goo colour for several stencils, especially when you combine several colours while creating a single stencil design.

  • The easiest way to mix the powder with the Glass Tattoo Goo is to use a Ziploc sandwich bag. Open the bag, place 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of glass powder inside, then scoop1 tablespoon of Glass Tattoo Goo on top of the powder inside the bag. Remove most of the air space, zip the bag tightly and start squeezing to combine the powder and the Glass Tattoo Goo until it is combined completely.

  • Now take the lid off one of your dispenser bottles, then use a pair of scissors to cut one of the corners off the Ziploc bag to create a small hole. Place the hole in the Ziploc bag over the opening in your dispenser bottle and squeeze the Glass Tattoo Goo colour into the dispenser the same way you would squeeze a toothpaste tube. Put the lid on your dispenser bottle and turn it upside down and place it in a Glass Tattoo Colour Caddy to allow the colour mixture to flow into the dispenser tip.

  • Continue to mix colours until you have an assortment to chose from. You may find it more convenient to mix 2 or 3 tablespoons (30 to 45 ml) of Glass Tattoo Goo and glass powder of your favorite colours.

  • When you have your selection of colours mixed up you are ready to start creating your stencil tattoo.

  • Each package contains 8 gm.

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