Bubble Powder is a really fine powder that when layered between two (2) pieces of glass, will produce actual bubbles, providing a decorative and interesting effect to your fused glass piece.

Not all bubble powders are created equally! Some are just variations on a Borax or Baking Soda composition and don't produce reliable results. The Bubble Powders that we sell are commercial grade powders and will produce dramatic and reliable results.

These powders will work with all common fusing glasses such as Bullseye and Spectrum, and will also work with Float Glass. Note: Using excessive amounts of bubble powder may result in incompatibility issues.

Some experimentation is required to get the precise effect you desire, but in general, a small amount of powder is sprinkled between two layers of glass and fully fused.

The fired examples are for colour reference only - they are not indicative of the final bubble result.

NOTE: All colours listed are Lead Free except as noted in the description of certain colours

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