Golden Gate Glass Works colour pattern tubing comes in primarily two varieties, quadrant and half and half.

Half-Stack series tubing is two sets of colour patterns on opposite sides of the tube each producing one wig wag for a total of two wig wags per section. Some artists prefer the half and half for it's ease in splicing sections together, while other artists prefer the quadrants for it's detail.

The quadrant pattern tubing is separated into four sections usually made up of two separate colour patterns each on opposite sides of the tube. Quadrant patterns will produce two same colour wig wags on opposing sides of the tube section for a total of four wig wags.

Please note:

This hand pulled colour tubing varies in size:

Length is 14 - 16 inches.
Diameter varies from 15 - 30mm, and can vary throughout the length of the tube.
Wall Thickness varies from 2 - 6mm, and can vary throughout the length of the tube.
Weight per tube is 1/4 to 1 pound.

COE 33

Please note:

 Priced per ounce as shown, and sold in one (1) ounce increments with a seven (7) ounce minimum order.
 (We will do our best to pull the quantity ordered, but sometimes it will be slightly over depending on what is available at time of order.)

 These tubes are custom made - please allow approx. 1 week for delivery.

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