For the stained glass craftsman who wishes to proceed beyond two dimensional suncatchers, panels etc. No special tools are required. Good steel rulers and a square or two are primary needs. For some of the projects there is a requirement to cut strips of glass for the full width of a regular glass sheet (24") so your dealer should provide the service of supplying cut pieces such as 2" x 24", 6" x 24" etc. rather than relying on 12" squares exclusively.

In this series of projects, the third dimension is formed by butting one piece of foiled glass to another at a 90 degree angle often held together by a simple flat or slightly raised bead of solder. All plans include copies of drawings, a bill of material and "how to" instructions for working to a three dimensional standard, and working with mirror glass (if used on the project)

BOXES - VARIOUS DESIGNS AND PURPOSES: Hinged tops all use a section of piano type hinge and have permanent "stops" to hold the top open, rather than a chain stop. Tops also have a "cushion" feature for lowering. All boxes have a provision for installing rubber/felt "feet" for furniture protection.

WALL HUNG MIRRORS - The mirror glass of all mirrors is "patterned" (multiple pieces) in a design that is complimentary to the design of the mirror. This patterned design adds dimension that normal mirrors don't have. The mirror glass extends and becomes the back of the 3D perimeter frame. The frame is 1" deep. The inner and outer frame side pieces are clear/patterned glass which allows room light to enter from the sides and be reflected out the front coloured frame glass. Too dark a colour ruins the effect. A wavey type surface adds to the effect.

Secure anchor points for wall hanging are provided.

CLOCKS - Various mantle and wall hung clocks, some with swinging pendulums. Quartz movements are available from your glass dealer or elsewhere.

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